Sarah Cleveland


I founded Sarah Cleve­land Con­sult­ing in 2011 to help main­stream sus­tain­able invest­ment.  This means shift­ing the focus of what is con­sid­ered smart insti­tu­tional invest­ment. Clas­si­cal smart insti­tu­tional invest­ment cen­ters on max­i­miz­ing risk-adjusted return with­out regard to impact.


Today, smart insti­tu­tional invest­ment is based on investors:

  • look­ing forward,
  • assess­ing impact, and
  • embed­ding sus­tain­able invest­ment in deci­sion making.
Investors take a long-term view and con­sider finan­cial deci­sions in the con­text of envi­ron­men­tal, social and gov­er­nance issues.

I am an inde­pen­dent invest­ment con­sul­tant pro­vid­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion, edu­ca­tion and research ser­vices. Pre­vi­ously I advised insti­tu­tional investors on invest­ment strat­egy, imple­men­ta­tion and ongo­ing mon­i­tor­ing. [down­load bio]  My expe­ri­ence includes:

  • Over 20 years in eco­nomic research and finan­cial services
  • Advi­sor to cor­po­rate retire­ment plans as well as endow­ments and foundations
  • Active within sus­tain­able invest­ment indus­try since 2003

I col­lab­o­rate with an exten­sive net­work in the legal, invest­ment, con­sul­tant and investor com­mu­ni­ties to pro­vide a wide range of ser­vices from many experts in their fields.

Our world is com­plex.  And our future demands tough deci­sions as pop­u­la­tion growth con­fronts lim­ited resources.  Within this con­text, the insti­tu­tional invest­ment indus­try has a tremen­dous oppor­tu­nity for pos­i­tive impact, and also has to take into account new risk fac­tors.  Smart insti­tu­tional invest­ment proac­tively man­ages these risks and orga­nizes to seize the opportunities.